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Travelling Light -Seven Days Seven Outfit Options
Let’s face it, most of us take too many clothes and other things when we go on holiday. We pack those just in case items and end up living in the same few outfits. I have a friend that did a week away with just hand luggage, which I found both impressive and inspiring, especially when she said she even packed her hair dryer. So after a conversation with another friend about how much we always end up taking when we go away she set me the challenge to see if I could fit all that I needed for my seven day holiday to Queensland in just a hand luggage suitcase. So here goes.
I once read that for every pair of pants you should pack two to three tops which I find to be a good suggestion I pack light weight mix and match tops. As I hate to be cold I always pack a grey cardigan and a warm jacket usually my Kathmandu one as it folds down into a small bag. People often tell me I am crazy packing a warm jacket but trust me this is the one just in case item I am never going to leave home without and it always gets used even if only once.
Just to show how light weight this packing is you will see in the photo to follow yes it all fits in a carry on. The photo shows items I am packing for this trip, you will se the same tops in some photos but it is to give you an idea of a mix and match holiday collection. Although for this trip I will be taking checked baggage with my husbands and sons’ clothes all in the one case, it is possible to pack this amount of clothes in a hand luggage case.
Here is my holiday packing list for seven days in Queensland Temp Range 12 – 27 degrees. 1 pair Jeans, I pair cargo pants, 1 pair summer weight culottes, 1 pair summer weight pants
2  pairs shorts
1 dress or jump suite
3 short sleeve summer blouses, 2 singlet tops, 4 Tshirts
1 long sleeve blouses. 1 cardigan, 2 summer long sleeve very light weight jackets, Kathmandu jacket
Thongs / walking shoes Bathers, dress for over bathers, rashie, beach bag, sunglasses, towel, hat, sunscreen wet bag Make up, medications, undergarments Book, Headphone, Essential Oils
Top Tips Whenever we travel we always pack a power board that has two USB points and we take an extra USB charger that can also be plugged in to the power board. I have found that most accommodation is always lacking power points so this is a must for us to plug in pones, iPad and so on. A wet bag or two are a must they are fantastic for at the beach but also for putting wet bathers in your suitcase on your return trip. When we are taking checked baggage we always take a small roll on hand luggage case with our headphones books charges and other items needed for sitting around the airport and then on the plane. Our hand luggage also contains a back pack and another fold out bag with a zip in case we have more items coming back these bags take up no room and come in so handy for shopping and day trips.
I always take a small pouch with some essential oils as they have some many uses and come in so handy. From a drop of lemon oil in your water, to tea tree on cut or mozzie bite. We also pack a tiny blue tooth speaker.
Hope you have found some useful tips in this post and if you are off travelling stay safe x Trace

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