The Kitchen

Oh My ……………… this was not something I wanted to start I needed to find inspiration to get my kitchen declutter underway. Find inspiration to create the spaces you dream of while on your declutter journey, pictures in magazines and Pinterest provide great inspiration. It may be an image of an amazingly organised spice drawer, … [Read more…]

Feed Your Soul

  When a friend today mentioned that she was making a lasagne and I myself was planning to make a risotto it got me thinking. Sometimes we are so busy we forget to eat well. Most of us are guilty of rushing around sometimes our weeks are so busy we are grabbing a bite here … [Read more…]

The Bathroom

This was how I tackled the bathroom clutter. A day before I began I took measurements of the bathroom cupboard, a photo of the inside, made a mental note of the contents and what I was going to keep. I then went and purchased some containers. Some people may choose to do this after they … [Read more…]

Make Time For Yourself

We are all good and rushing around doing a million things at once, multi tasking and sometimes not even stopping to finish a complete cup of tea in a day. We grab pockets of time for ourselves on the go, checking emails while waiting in the car at the school pick up, replying to emails … [Read more…]

The Linen Press/Cupboard

As I stood with the doors open, I thought this is going to be easy. But as I began to pull out towels, doona covers, sheets and so on that I knew we had not used in years and the pile grew I knew it would be harder than I thought. My linen press has … [Read more…]