Remember To Just Breathe

It’s been a while between posts. I could tell you I have been busy, but most of you will say doing what. After all lets face it, it has not been the year we were all expecting, none of us cheered in the New Year expecting we would be spending it sitting in our homes, … [Read more…]

Do Something For You

Do you ever wonder what your waiting for …. You know the one day I am going to take pottery lessons kind of thing.  When is one day? when your older? when you have more time? more money ? or maybe its when you can do something for yourself without feeling guilty.  For a long … [Read more…]

Go Natural

  I am sure like me you have heard people talk about the DIY products they make to get rid of harsh store brought products they are using,  to help the environment by not having to purchase packaging, & to save some money, we all have different reasons.  Mine was all of the above I … [Read more…]

Let’s Catch Up

Well its been a while since my last Blog post, since then we have had another family holiday to Bali, to nourish our souls and keep us going in this hectic thing that is life for another twelve months until we head off again.  I have continued to declutter my life but on a slower … [Read more…]

Travelling Light

Travelling Light -Seven Days Seven Outfit OptionsLet’s face it, most of us take too many clothes and other things when we go on holiday. We pack those just in case items and end up living in the same few outfits. I have a friend that did a week away with just hand luggage, which I … [Read more…]

Sometimes You Have To Hit Pause

You may be wondering why you did not receive a blog post last week, drum roll please …. Well I had a cold so I decided to hit pause. It came out of nowhere and was obviously a sign for me to stop and slow down whether I wanted to or not. So often we … [Read more…]

Digital Clutter

          The convenience of technology or is it really a burden? We live in world of technology where everything is readily available. We can text or email someone at any hour of the day or night. We can order our groceries, clothing, airline tickets online and do our banking without going … [Read more…]

Paper Can Weigh You Down

  Paper may be light as a feather but put a pile of it together and it becomes a mountain that can weigh you down. Though I am loving my decluttering journey and the progress that I am making there are some areas that I have been avoiding. One of these areas is my filling … [Read more…]

The Kitchen

Oh My ……………… this was not something I wanted to start I needed to find inspiration to get my kitchen declutter underway. Find inspiration to create the spaces you dream of while on your declutter journey, pictures in magazines and Pinterest provide great inspiration. It may be an image of an amazingly organised spice drawer, … [Read more…]