Paper Can Weigh You Down


Paper may be light as a feather but put a pile of it together and it becomes a mountain that can weigh you down.
Though I am loving my decluttering journey and the progress that I am making there are some areas that I have been avoiding.
One of these areas is my filling cabinet, maybe it is because I know that even though once the filling cabinet is done there are more spots in my house that hold paperwork to sort through so the task just seems too big. So today I decided to make a start and tackle the filling cabinet. Luckily its only two drawers and I have decided to just tackle one of the drawers today. Music is on, tea is brewed and diffuser is going.
I am now surrounded by a pile of paperwork that I no longer need and am wondering why I had even kept most of it in the first place, old receipts, manuals, bills and so on.
I have decided against shredding the paperwork as I find the process of feeding a few sheets of paper in to the shredder time consuming and tedious so instead I am going to light a fire in our outdoor fire pit and throw it all in there.
Over the next fortnight I am going to go through all the paperwork in our house and I set you the challenge to do the same. If you have a filing cabinet start with that, then move on to other piles of paperwork you may have in your home. Maybe you have a mountain of old magazines, takeaway menus or business cards lying around somewhere. Its time to ask the questions, do you really need to keep it? As you go through all your paper items in your home if you come across anything sentimental put it to one side we will talk about sentimental paper items later on, such as old letters, cards or kids artwork. I love to get your comments and hear about your own decluttering journey so remember to post a comment or if you would rather send me an email to Have a great week decluttering x Trace

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