Remember To Just Breathe

It’s been a while between posts. I could tell you I have been busy, but most of you will say doing what. After all lets face it, it has not been the year we were all expecting, none of us cheered in the New Year expecting we would be spending it sitting in our homes, staying home to keep safe. I am sure like me you were expecting great things I was planning a holiday to Bali in June, my 50th Birthday and my son turning the big 10. I was not expecting to be sewing face masks, working from home as well as juggling remote learning and looking after the mental well being of my family. I think we will all agree that ISO sucks big time. But I think most of us have found some positives in amongst all the worry and uncertainty. I have had time to potter around at home, to have time to just be at home as I cant be anywhere else, and is that a bad thing well no probably not. Its nice to be able to take a breath and catch our breath to step back from the business of life, the drama, the BS and to just be to be in the moment. I wont lie it has not been a piece of cake it took time to get in the groove of working from home, to get the hang of zoom chats and webex meetings, there have been tears as we got our head around remote learning but there have also been lots of laughs. I have taken time to slow down and breathe. My daily ritual at the moment involves Peppermint Oil. There are lots of ways we can use peppermint oil but this is a tip I got and I want to share it with you. When I have my morning shower I put a couple drops on the palm of my hand and rub it into my chest the hot water and steam are the perfect combination to activate the aroma of this powerful essential oil allowing your to breath it in. The perfect wake up to clear your head and get you set for the day give it a try if your not a fan of peppermint choose your favourite oil. When I looked up Peppermint oil in the book emotions and essential oils reference guide I was reminded that it is the oil of a buoyant heart, bringing joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul. It invigorates the body, mind and spirit, and reminds us that life can be happy and does not have to be controlled by fear. Wow what a perfect oil for these crazy times. You will love it x Tracey


  1. Judy Ashwell

    Never a truer word spoken Tracey. Everything you mentioned is so true. Even though everyone is doing it tough, we have to realise the commitment/sacrifice to stay safe and be alive. The peppermint oil sounds like a great idea. Wouldn’t want to accidentally rub it in my eyes in the shower.

  2. Judy Kelly

    I just love the way you have with words Tracey. Who would have thought this time last year 2020 would turn out the way it has. So missing our catch ups with you Mick, Will and Pip. We had better be able to at least celebrate Wills 10th Birthday and after that the one that you missed out on. I love all my oils, they are very calming burning grapefruit as I write this.
    Stay safe x

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