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The convenience of technology or is it really a burden?
We live in world of technology where everything is readily available. We can text or email someone at any hour of the day or night. We can order our groceries, clothing, airline tickets online and do our banking without going to the branch. In fact technology allows us to do most things from the convenience of our own home without having to venture out in the big wide world. But at what cost does this convenience come? I would say at a great cost. When we hear that ping on our phone indicating a message or email, we are rarely able to ignore it no matter what the time. If you have the discipline to turn your phone of or ignore the ping then the next day you find yourself waking to text messages, missed calls or worse the dreaded amount of emails in your inbox.
So it’s time to declutter your digital world, starting with your email inbox and unsubscribe to all those unnecessary emails that you receive. After all every email you receive requires something from you whether it be reading, deleting or even scrolling past it all require your time. Reducing the amount of emails in your inbox will save you time and is the first step to simplifying your digital world.
Now your asking where do I begin, begin by not allowing new unnecessary emails into your inbox, so the next time you buy something in a store and they ask you to sign up by giving your email just remember its ok to say NO THANK YOU. Another one is online purchases when you make an online purchase uncheck the ‘opt in for promotions’ option before you make your purchase.
Now that you have the power to eliminate new email subscriptions its time to unsubscribe to all the ones you no longer need. There are some great websites that will list all your subscriptions and you can choose which ones you want to unsubscribe from.
The other option is to unsubscribe as you go, so as you receive new emails decide then and there if you wish to unsubscribe. It may be an email you get to a store that you made a purchase from years ago and like the items in your wardrobe your hanging on to it just in case. Time to say goodbye
I counted my emails this week from Monday to Friday and I had 175, this was made up of work, stores and others in my inbox way too many. So over the next coming weeks as I get a new email I am going to start unsubscribing from on the emails I no longer need.
Have a great week x Trace

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