Sometimes You Have To Hit Pause

You may be wondering why you did not receive a blog post last week, drum roll please …. Well I had a cold so I decided to hit pause. It came out of nowhere and was obviously a sign for me to stop and slow down whether I wanted to or not.
So often we find ourselves sick, tired or emotionally drained, yet we push on, we tell ourselves there is too much to do at home and work, we have all heard someone say that they have not got time to be sick. Yes its true there is always lots to do, after all if we actually stop when our body asks us to, who will do the washing, clean the house, feed the kids, take them to school and so on.
I used to be that person that pushed on but over the years I have learnt that its better to stop take that one day off if needed rather than keep going and then need a week off. I would often go to see my acupuncturist when I was at rock bottom and had not much left in my tank. He would always say you should have come earlier, wise words so now I listen to my body, if I’m feeling tired I cancel catch ups and have earlier nights.
So last weekend I spent the weekend resting, watching Netflix and sleeping. I knew that the washing, cleaning and so on would all be waiting when I was feeling better and it was ok to allow myself to be sick.
Now a week on I am feeling better and about to start packing for a week on the Gold Coast, with family. I hope your decluttering is going well. Some of you have sent me photos and messages which is lovely, keep them coming. I am taking two weeks off to enjoy the School Holidays before I start you on the journey of decluttering sentimental items, photos and lots of other areas.
I hope to send a blog post next weekend of my holiday packing tips until then happy decluttering
X Trace

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