The Kitchen

Oh My ……………… this was not something I wanted to start I needed to find inspiration to get my kitchen declutter underway.
Find inspiration to create the spaces you dream of while on your declutter journey, pictures in magazines and Pinterest provide great inspiration. It may be an image of an amazingly organised spice drawer, mason jars for cereals, wooden chopping boards out on display, and so on. I know someone that removed the door off one of their overhead cupboards to create some open shelving in their kitchen to display their pretty bowls and cups.
Remember the journey is not just to declutter it’s to organise spaces better. Have a think for a moment when you open a cupboard and see items thrown in all over the place and you have to rummage around to find what you’re looking for how does that make you feel? Annoyed, frustrated, unhappy? It may be all of these and more. Then when you open a cupboard that’s organised, looks nice, you know where everything is, you can lay your hands on that item that you need how does that make you feel? happy, calm, in control?
So as you start on the kitchen declutter keep the above in mind you will find that it helps you to let go of items and reduce the amount of things you have. There is a lot to do in the kitchen. Pantry, fridge, freezer, cupboards and so on. This may be something you tackle head on in a day or a weekend or do gradually over a month as and when you have time.
Much like the bathroom clean out kitchen follows the same pattern. Take everything out of the pantry, wipe it all out, discard any out of date items (you will be surprised how many you find) then put back only what you need and will use. Might sound easy and the first steps are but it’s the putting back only what you need and use that can pose the problem. I was ruthless and got rid of items that were in my panty that I knew I would not be using. Food items that I had that I knew I would not use I discarded. Empty out the freezer you may be surprised what you find. Go through all your utensils and discard any you don’t use or have multiples of. My utensils drawer was a mess, I was also frustrated with some items that were cheap and not performing well, handles coming loose and so on. So on a recent trip to an antique warehouse I came across some old school utensils which I purchased to replace some of mine, after all they don’t make things like they used too. They are super cool different and unique check them out in the collage below. Go through all your appliances that ice-cream maker buried at the back of the cupboard that you got for a present ten years ago and have only used once let it go.
The kitchen is something I will work at over the next two weeks I have made a good start.
The collage below is from my own kitchen. Chopping board stand that my husband made, my antique utensils, my open shelf, and before and after of my spice drawer, my husband made the board for the spice jars to sit in so they don’t move around when I pull the drawer out.
So make a start on your kitchen and go back to other areas we have covered to see if there are any other items you can get rid of.
Until next week have fun decluttering x Trace

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