Feed Your Soul

  When a friend today mentioned that she was making a lasagne and I myself was planning to make a risotto it got me thinking. Sometimes we are so busy we forget to eat well. Most of us are guilty of rushing around sometimes our weeks are so busy we are grabbing a bite here … [Read more…]

The Bathroom

This was how I tackled the bathroom clutter. A day before I began I took measurements of the bathroom cupboard, a photo of the inside, made a mental note of the contents and what I was going to keep. I then went and purchased some containers. Some people may choose to do this after they … [Read more…]

Make Time For Yourself

We are all good and rushing around doing a million things at once, multi tasking and sometimes not even stopping to finish a complete cup of tea in a day. We grab pockets of time for ourselves on the go, checking emails while waiting in the car at the school pick up, replying to emails … [Read more…]

The Linen Press/Cupboard

As I stood with the doors open, I thought this is going to be easy. But as I began to pull out towels, doona covers, sheets and so on that I knew we had not used in years and the pile grew I knew it would be harder than I thought. My linen press has … [Read more…]

Sunday To Do List

Sunday what is your Sunday ritual? I am going to share one of my new Sunday rituals with you…. I know some people start the week off with a long lists of things to do, but I find having a long list can be stressful.  Looking at all the things on the list can become … [Read more…]

I Love That Blog Update

  Thank you so much for joining my I Love That Blog. We have made some changes to the blog page which will make it easier for you to view and read the articles on your phone.  This however will require you to sign up again so that you can receive posts via this new … [Read more…]

The Journey So Far

Remember this is just my journey I am no expert, I’m just like you but you may get a tip or two along the way as you read my personal journal to declutter my life. I am not a writer there will no doubt be some spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar in my posts but … [Read more…]


Welcome.. I was lucky enough to spend 10 glorious days in Bali in June, before I left I started going through my wardrobe selecting clothes to take and came to realise that I have lots of clothes (not as many as some a moderate amount lets say) but of them there were only a handful … [Read more…]